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Business Vodafone Giga Internet of Things services

Utilizing the unlimited possibilities offered by Vodafone in the field of Internet of Things, bts telecom provides innovative solutions for small and large companies of all sectors (transport, food, logistics, HO.RE.CA etc) to do the technological and economic leap forward.


With Vodafone Giga Internet of Things services, devices can communicate with each other and transmit information without human intervention.
Utilizing new technologies (Temperature Control, Fleet Control, Smart Track etc) ensures the high quality of products and services of companies, while reducing unnecessary costs and ensuring maximum productivity.

Contact bts telecom now and discover opportunities you could not have imagined and they will upgrade your business!

"To be the first choice of our customers by providing integrated technology of high added value solutions."

Our clients

The broad experience of BTS in different sectors of the Greek market, food, services, information technology, insurance, cosmetics both at B2B and B2C level together with its specialization in demanding projects, are the main ingredients of BTS success and contribute in creating a satisfied and loyal clientele.

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